Nature Alive Retreat

Nature Alive Retreat

What is Nature Alive?

Nature Alive Adventures is established on the foundation that time outdoors is essential for personal health and happiness. We seek to ensure that the participant is given quality instruction and guidance to maximize the outdoor experience and the skills being taught.

Our retreat centre provides a base for our courses and out-trips or a destination spot to unwind, unplug and enjoy time with family, friends and nature.

The People

Dale and Colleen Kiselyk are the heart and soul of Nature Alive Adventures. Their company has grown out of their shared passion for the beauty of the outdoors and the abundance of experiences, skills and activities that can take place in this setting.

Dale, a plumber by trade and a drummer by design, has a wealth of outdoor skills and experience and can often be found trying to track down his coffee mug.

Colleen loves kids, wild spaces and generous cups of tea, or all three at once! Together, they are the magic behind Nature Alive.

Whether you are looking for a quiet weekend getaway with plenty of time to rest, read, fish, bird watch and drink coffee or an adventure filled time of learning to whitewater canoe, identify local plant and animal life on invigorating walks, or snowshoe and ski your way through undisturbed natural beauty, the Kiselyks can help you craft your perfect escape.